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    here in Diab Qawasmi & sous's Company we provide some of Bosch's best Products.

    Jordan agent : Diab Qawasmi & sous co.

  • Bosch invented for life

    Bosch is one of the greatest kitchenware suppliers in the market, you can check our other suppliers in the category

  • Cooking & bakin

    whether you’re a top chef or just the opposite,get perfect results at every meal.

  • Coffe & breakfast

    who says your kitchen can’t compete with your favourite café? […]

  • Cooling & freezing

    our state-of-the-art fridges and freezers come in configurations to help you keep food fresher longer […]

  • Dish washing

    what’s even better than spotlessly clean dishes?dishes that are dry and ready put away as soon as the cycle is done. […]

  • Laundry & cleaning

    keep your clothes and linens looking new and your floors impeccably clean[…]