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DS 55

Battery type UK UK065 Box LB2 Capacity Ah 20h 55 Cold crank current A EN 450 Cold crank current A SAE 480 Layout 0 Terminal 1 Length (max.) mm 241 Width (max.) mm 175 Box height (max.) mm 175 Total height (max.) mm 175 Battery specifications mGGA Base hold-down B13 ((choose your car battery size and we will contact you ))

68.75 46.75 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 475

NEXEN 215/55 R17

PROXES: N’Priz AH8 The N’Priz AH8 is designed for family sedans that require all-year traction in dry, wet and light snow conditions. Performance in light snow conditions is superior to its predecessor, the CP672.

87.00 78.3 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1690

Apollo Aspire 215/40 R17 87W

Excellent cornering For premium and luxury segment Excellent control and handling on dry road surface conditions Excellent grip and stability on wet roads The manufacturer of your vehicle specifies the suitable pressure to be maintained and is measured in PSI or BAR pressure

55.00 55.00 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1372

Midea Standing Fan 16 Inch

PRODUCT ID: FS40-7ARB , With Remote Control, Led Screen, And Tim Meet Midea's smart fan Figure-8 oscillation Electronic thermometer Multi-function remote control Very silent operation with 43-58 db noise level LED display for easy controlling Multi-function remote for convenience 8 hours programmed timer saves energy Electronic thermostat, 4 speeds Figure-8 oscillation 5 sided blades,16 inch floor standing fan 3 operation mode Normal, Natural, and Sleep Costumes 55 W power Durable plastic round base

50.00 46.5 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1992

NEXEN 275/70 R16

SIZE:275/70 R16 PROXES:HTX RH5 Features * Ziz-zag sipe design * Open outside shoulder design * Sipe in groove design * Multi-sequence tread design on center and shoulder * 65,000 mile Treadwear Mileage Warranty (P) Metric * 40,000 mile Treadwear Mileage Warranty (LT Metric Sizes) * Road Hazard: 3/32" or 2 years * Road Side Assistance: 36 Months Free Tow & Tire Change Benefits * Increases all-season and braking performance * Improves off-road performance with optimal mud extraction and heat reduction * Prevents pebbles from getting stuck and improves mud extraction performance * delivers optimal noise, wear and drainage performance

110.00 99 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1621

TOYO 275/45R19 108Y

size:275/45R19 proxes :T1 Sport description: The Proxes T1 Sport delivers increased control and precision for true balance in both wet and dry handling. State-of-the-art design and construction provide the perfect mix of high-speed stability and cornering power, precise steering response, and quick braking on wet or dry pavement. This ultra-high performance summer tire also comes with up to a 20,000-mile treadwear warranty, rare for its segment.

190.00 161.5 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1174

Korkmaz Bianca Collection 86 Pieces Round Dinner Set

Model Number: A8035 High quality, healthy, bright white "" Bianca "" elegance dining set that you can use in your sofras with all kinds of products. 12 Piece Service Plate 12 Piece Dinner Table 12 Piece Sweet Tables 12 Piece Soup Bowl 6 Pieces Tea Cup 6 Pieces Tea Cup Cupboard 6 Piece Coffee Cup 6 Pieces Coffee Cup Cupboard 1 Piece 31cm Boat Plate 2 Pieces 22cm Boat Plate 1 + 1 Piece Soup + Cover 1 piece nappy 2 + 2 Piece Toothpick and Cover 2 + 2 Piece Salt and Pepper

250.00 191.25 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 205

TOYO 235/60R16 100H

SIZE:235/60R16 PROXES: TPT DESCRIPTION: The all-season Proxes TPT is the ideal performance touring replacement for modern cars equipped with H or V speed-rated tires as Original Equipment. Optimized casing design and a unique directional tread combine to provide superior wet or dry grip and handling with excellent ride comfort and long tread life. A true upgrade from you Original Equipment tires, the Proxes TPT delivers all the style, performance and ride Toyo is famous for

105.00 89.25 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 907

Korkmaz Pearl Star Collection 60 Piece Square Dining Set

Product Model: A8231 From the dreams to your table ... Glamorous elegance and special details of the Pearl Star Collection is no longer a dream dazzling tables. Team Content 12 Per Serving platter 12 Plates 12 Piece Dessert Plate 12 Pieces of Soup Bowl 1 Piece 36cm Kayak Plate 1 Piece 26cm Kayak Plate 2 Pieces 22cm Kayak Plates 1 + 1 Soup Soup + Cover 2 + 2 Pieces Salt and Pepper Shakers 1 + 1 Piece Toothpick + Lid Product features Number of Pieces:60 pieces

400.00 306 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1734

Korkmaz Vertex Red Deep Fryer

Product Model: A486-02 800 g. Frying capacity 900 Watt Adjustable thermostat Detachable, filter glass cover with indicator glass Removable and easy to clean PTFE Coated oil chamber Handles for ease of use Korkmaz Vertex fryer provides a hygienic and effortless frying pleasure with its removable oil tank, lid and anti-odor filter. Product features Maximum Power:900 watts Volume Information:800 g. Model:Vertex

60.00 45.9 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 2320

Korkmaz Astra 26 cm Pan

Product Model: A1909 Size: 26X6.5 cm / 4.0 lt Specially cut aluminum surfaces in the steel capsule base create an extra efficiency in heat conduction. This saves time and energy. 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel. Super capsule base for homogeneous heat conduction. Carefully polished exterior surfaces that retain its brilliance. Ergonomic, non-hand-held, special safe rusted steel handles and hills. Clean with hot water and dishwashing detergent before first use. Do not leave for a long time on the cooker without food and without any food. Do not use hard metal brushes during cleaning. Can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It provides maximum time and energy savings thanks to Solar Base base system which provides the highest heat transfer on all kinds of furnaces including induction.

23.00 17.595 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1841

Korkmaz Astra 9 Piece Cookware Set

Model Number: A1900 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel Carefully polished exterior surfaces that protect the shine. Stainless steel handles and hills Special aesthetic matte lines on the floor. 2.0 lt cookware 16x10 cm, 3.7 lt cookware 20x12 cm, 6.3 lt cookware 24x14 cm 3.6 lt Short Cookware 24x8 cm, 2.7 lt Tava Super capsule base providing homogeneous heat transfer.

110.00 85 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 687

TOYO 165/60R14

SIZE:165/60R14 PROXES: CF2 DESCRIPTION:New Proxes CF2 has been created to take advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee a high level of safety, durability, savings, and comfort. Proxes CF2 benefits from an improved tire construction and a new full-silica tread compound. The new tire has a longer tire life, better wet performance and lower fuel consumption. Proxes CF2 is the choice for drivers looking for a high performing and safe tire for medium and high powered cars.

55.00 46.75 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1415


PRODUCT ID: TFC6204472 Color Black Item Weight 1.6 Kg Package Dimensions 9 x 8.7 x 4.9 inches Material Aluminium Lasts up to 3x Longer* • Excellence of taste: Thermo-Spot® Technology • Robust handle with stainless steel insert • Easy to use steam vent knob

45.00 40.5 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 2216

Apollo Apterra HP 255/55 R18 109Y

Vehicle Compatibility: Audi Q7 / Mercedes-Benz M-Class, GLE Class / Porsche Cayenne, Macan / BMW X5 / Volkswagen Touareg H/V rated, 16-18 inch tyres Superior handling and cornering at higher speed Precise steering response and directional stability Enhanced wet handling and braking

95.00 95.00 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1401

Eglo 31605 | MASERLO

GENERAL INFORMATION Article: 31605 Lighting Type: pendant luminaire EAN Code: 9002759316051 DIMENSIONS Height: 1100 mm Ø: 530 mm Weight: 2.795 kg ILLUMINANT Socket: E27 Illuminant: E27 Delivery: excl. Max. Wattage: 3x 60W Suitable for: A++ - E MATERIAL & COLOUR Enclosure Material: steel Enclosure Colour: satin nickel Glass / Shade Material: fabric Glass / Shade Colour: black, gold TECHNICAL INFORMATION Protection Rating: IP20 Protection Class: 1 Line Voltage: 220-240V,50/60Hz Operation Voltage: 220-240V,50/60Hz

70.00 63 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 92

Korkmaz Tombik Coffee Pot Team

Product Models: A1217 3-4-5 Cup 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel. Exquisitely polished exterior surfaces that protect their brightness. With its stylish and ergonomic structure, the Tombik coffee pot adds pleasure to your conversations thanks to its hand-free handles, which provide ease of use while complementing the taste of your cuisine. Product features Volume Information:3-4-5 cups

20.00 15.3 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 580

Korkmaz Proline 20 cm Satin Extra Deep Casserole 5lt

Product Models: A1165 size: 20X16,5 The specially cut aluminum surfaces on the steel capsule side create extra efficiency in heat transfer. This saves time and energy. 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel. Super-compact base for homogenous heat transfer. Exquisitely polished exterior surfaces that protect their brightness. Ergonomic, non-flammable, special safe rusted steel handles and hills. Before first use, clean with hot water and dishwashing detergent. Do not leave it on the stove for long without water and without oil. Do not use a hard metal brush during cleaning. Can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It provides maximum time and energy saving thanks to the Solar Base floor system which provides the highest heat transfer on all types of furnace including induction. Product features Volume Information:5 Lt. Model:Proline Satin Measure:20 cm

36.00 27.54 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 519

Tefal 8 Pieces Pleasure

PRODUCT ID: TFD5059852 DO (18 /22/26/30) Tefal Pleasure Cooking Set (8pcs, Red) features four saucepans with lids All saucepans feature the Tefal patented Thermo-Spot technology which guarantees the perfect temperature to start cooking The scratch resistant optimal base ensures quick and even heat distribution Shock proof enamel exterior of the cookware makes them easy to maintain and clean The cookware has ergonomic welded Bakelite handles which facilitate easy and safe handling The steel lids add a contemporary touch to the classic design What You'll Get 18cm Saucepan 22cm Saucepan 26cm Saucepan 30cm Saucepan 4 Lids

189.00 170.1 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 2100

Freaky Lina Purple 20 cm Cookware

Model Number: A1102 20x10.5 cm / 3.0 lt Coating with excellent adhesion on inner and outer surfaces. Extra resistance and rigging against scratching. Environmentally friendly production technology. Easy to clean It provides high cooking performance even with low heat with high heat conductivity. Using less oil than other types of pots makes more delicious dishes. Made from recyclable materials. Lina Mor is a granite-look PTFE coating with extra resistance to scratching.

26.00 19.89 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 108

TOYO 265/70R17 121S LT

size:265/70R17 proxes: OPEN COUNTRY H/T description: The Open Country H/T balances mileage, handling, and ride comfort in city and open-road driving. Designed for pickup trucks, CUVs, and SUVs, this all season tire is available in a wide range of original equipment sizes.

185.00 157.25 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1075

Apollo Alnac 4G 205/55 R16 94H

Vehicle Compatibility: Toyota Corolla Altis / Audi A3 / Volkswagen Jetta / BMW 1 Series / Mercedes Benz C-Class, Benz A-Class / Skoda Octavia, Superb / Fiat Avventura H/V rated, 14-16 inch tyres Wide circumferential grooves for excellent water drainage result in excellent grip and stability in wet conditions Wide outer shoulder for superior dry handling Compound with high silica content for ideal wet grip and low rolling resistance

55.00 55.00 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1348

TOYO 275/65R17 115T

size:275/65R17 proxes: OPEN COUNTRY H/T description: The Open Country H/T balances mileage, handling, and ride comfort in city and open-road driving. Designed for pickup trucks, CUVs, and SUVs, this all season tire is available in a wide range of original equipment sizes.

150.00 127.5 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1443

Tefal Clipso MINUT EASY 6L

PRODUCT ID: TFP4620766 Steam basket that preserves all your ingredients taste and vitamins so you get the best of your meals every time. Safe cooking: pressure indicator indicates excessive heat, just lower steam with its controlled release. Comes with foldable handles (except 4.5l) for easier storage. Made with stainless steel, it works on all sorts of cooktops, including induction, and is dishwasher compatible.

120.00 108 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 2080

LG Smart Mobile printer

Key Features Instant Mobile Print Smart Editing Enjoyable sharing PD233 APPLICATION Android Yes Facebook Yes FileFormat JPEG IOS Yes me2day Yes Twitter Yes PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Color Silver Power (Avg) 15.91 W Power (Max) 34.49 W Size (WxHxD) 72.4 x 120.9 x 24.0 mm Weight 212 g STANDARD SPECIFICATION Battery Type Li-Polymer(7.4V , 500mA) Bluetooth Yes Change time 1 and 30 hour Micro USB Yes NFC Tag Yes Print Numbe 20sheet (After fully charge, connect BT) Print Speed 40sec/ Per paper Resolution 640 ? 1224 pixels

99.00 92.07 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1935

Korkmaz Aroma 6 Spice Set

Model Number: A621 Height: 12 cm Easy to use. 3 different holes suitable for all kinds of spring. Easy to clean glass body. Ergonomic design. With a choice of thin, thick and pellet pouring options, Aroma is the perfect choice for all your spices.

20.00 15.3 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 316

Fragrant Natura Storage Container

Product Models: A646-02 Fragrant Natura 11x20 cm Pink Storage Container

15.00 11.475 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 608

Korkmaz Festy Mix Green Stand Mixer

Product Model: A480-02 Color: Green 1000 watts 12-stage speed control 4 lt capacity stainless steel mixing bowl Powerful engine Casting body Elliptical Return Powerful and professional product for whisking, kneading and mixing There is a transparent cover to prevent splashing. Low vibration, low noise With the Festy Mix stand mixer, you can easily create professional desserts in your kitchen for whipping, kneading and mixing while creating delicious pastries. Product features Product Group:Mixer Color:Green Power:1000 Watt Speed ??Range:12 Chopper Hopper Capacity:4000 ml

280.00 212.5 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 2324

TOYO 245/40R17 91W

SIZE: 245/40R17 PROXES :C1S DESCRIPTION : Proxes C1S is the new premium tyre designed for powerful and luxurious saloon cars. It's high speed stability, quiet and comfortable ride meet the requirements of these prestigious vehicles. Proxes C1S also benefits from a low Rolling Resistance improving fuel economy and contributing to a clean environment.

105.00 89.25 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 954

LG Washer 8KG


469.00 436.17 JD Ex Tax: $100.00

ID: 1895